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Kirkstar - Music - Night Showers Feat. Kirkstar

Hip Hop
1097 in Hip Hop, 11937 overall

Night Showers Feat. Kirkstar

Kirkstar's Part:

Yeah Girl,
Dis Ya Boi Kirkstar
Representin All Da Bahamian Stars,
I Mean Gyals,
Cause U So Fine,
Bout 2 Turn U Out,
Make U Into My DimePiece,
Yeah I'm A Beast,
In Da Sheets,
Now Scream 4 Me,

Oh I Do Apologize,
This Never Happen 2 Me B4,
Jay1 Slow Down With That,
Wanna Make This Girl,
Fall In Love With Me,
Yea You Baby,

Fallin 4 Dis Boi Wonder,
Make A BBoy Get A Stand Up,
As You Pose 4 Me N Ur Lingerie,
She's Dancin Her Azz Off,
Up N Down 4 Me On My Pole,
YesShe Is A ProA Pro
Like U


Baby It's Time 2 Let Da Rain Fall Down,
Were Gonna Have Night Showers,
As U Let Me In Ur Ocean,
Bout 2 Make It All Come Down,
Give U Night Showers

My Girl U Got It,
No U Got It,
Set It Off 4 Me,
On Da Dance Floor,
Make Me Want U More,
U Striptease 4 Me,
Lavashin Up Ur Body,
Think I'm Ready 4 Another Round,
Wanna Go 4 Another Round

Coolz Let It Rain Night Shower On Me Baby,
Luvin What U Do,
2 Make My Ecstasy Rise Up,
2 Da Max Baby,
LadyDrive Me Crazy

Ma Boi Jay1 Let Me Up On Dis Track,
Cause I Go Hard,
Harder Than The Amateur,
I'm So Multi-Talent,
And Dats A Fact

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