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Sono Vero - Music - Burn With You

30 in R&B, 993 overall

At the end of the day my girl, You're the one who makes my world. When I burn with you, Burn with you, burn with you my love.
At the end of the night I'll say you're the one who makes my day when I burn with you burn with you burn with you my love.
Girl let down your hair and I can close these blinds. With your lipstick on my neck baby we can go all night. So take your time, cause I love the way you move your body slow.
We could be fools girl, yea, forget the world it's me and you girl oh the things I'd do girl
Baby close your eyes Let my fingers trace your thighs I could take you down right girl rock your body make your toes curl.
I could bite your lip and I can pull your hair We can spark a blunt let the smoke fill the air.
There's nothing that I'd rather do then burn and make sweet love to you.
Burning it up burning it up burning it up all night x2.
Oh yes my days they've been so long and all of my nights Im looking for Burning it up with you Only with you my love.
Oh it's the way your lips they taste when they get a sense of sensi trace Im falling in love with you, oh but only with you my love.
When I get home you call the service for deliver he bringing us the finest grade cuz that's just what he figure only the finest grade only for you my love
We rolling up the collie because you know that's what we do, Working 9 to 5 I'm glad I'm coming home to you only to you.

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