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Danbury, Connecticut
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Alternative, Progressive, Indie
Garrett Rose, Brandon George, Phil Grabover, John Rumph, Michael Mosca
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Mattthews Band, Pink Floyd, Oceansize, Dream Theater, Coheed and Cambria, Porcupine Tree, The Shaggs, Iron Maiden, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Avenged Sevenfold, Beirut, Mumford and Sons, Andrew Bird, Seryn, Radiohead, Radical Face..
“To a bunch of young guys who can close up the show and wow us with your unique sound, we were very impressed. A band of (mostly) high school kids that can mix different genres together so fluidly is pretty mind-blowing. Not exactly jazz or rock, but some
The Room Brookfield, CT What's Left EP Release Fri, Jan 27 5:30 pm The Room Brookfield, CT Rumble @The Room Sat, Jan 28 7:00 pm


We all sort of met by jamming. Except for Brandon. He just sort of appeared and it worked out well.

Brandon sings and is currently set on becoming an English teacher. His lyrics range from being incredibly straightforward to very vague. But that's the way we like them. And he is a hipster.

Garrett plays acoustic and soprano sax and studies a lot of music theory. A lot..

Phil plays bass.

Mike plays electric and has a lot of ridiculous effects and plays in all styles from metal to smooth jazz.

John plays drums and has a lot of progressive influence that he tries to incorporate into different styles to make it more interesting and it always works out. No questions asked. Ever.

Standby is a band of five, surprisingly young, musically-diverse, members. With influences of jazz, classic rock, metal, and all indie music, Standby portrays a sound like no other. Some might classify the group as a "jam band" as much of the recorded solos were improvised and their live shows display no musical limits. This aspect of Standby can be compared to Dave Matthews Band or John Butler Trio or even Grateful Dead as each of these bands are known for their improvisation-based live performances. Standby has been noted as having "Mesmerizing music," and the ability to, "Mix different genres together so fluently that it's pretty mind blowing." The almost unclassifiable, yet highly entertaining across the board, genre that Standby displays has also been described as, "Not exactly jazz or rock, but something around and in-between."