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Classical Opera and Vocal, Lyrical, Jazz
Sarah Brightman, Jeanette MacDonald, Doris Day


Merena's training began early in opera, when she was instructed under the expertise of international performer Shigemi Matsumoto (president & founder of the Classical Singers Association of Los Angeles)

Merena later continued her instruction under the guidance of renowned instructor John Henny of the Seth Riggs vocal studios - who has instructed such celebrities as Josh Groban, Vanessa Hudgens & many more with the legendary Speech Level singing technique.

Now in her 20's Merena's voice has a seasoned tone and projection.
Her ability to easily chameleon from one genre of music to another reveals the versatility of her talent, and leaves listeners amazed.
She embraces her music with a passion that electrifies the room, and for that moment, whether it be Opera/Classical, Musical Theatre/Broadway, Classical Crossover/Pop or Jazz/Big Band - coupled with her enthralling stage presence & exhilerating voice - brings her audience to the edge of their seats and back.

Merena's exquisite sound was passed on to her from her great-grandfather, who was a famous opera singer and brilliant concert pianist of New Zealand in the early 1900's. Her fascinating stage presence & high octaves she thanks her great-grandmother for, also a singer and Australian stage celebrity in her day.

Merena is currently in the studio, working on her new CD.