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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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Rock, Funk, Alternative
Steve Harley, James Bond, Gil Roy
Chili Peppers, Zepplin, The Police
Paleofidelity is all about the Funk, my friends... I was convinced that Remedy was headed for strongly commercial territory with songs familiar enough in style to get picked up by radio programmers but new and different enough to break out of the commerc


Remedy, a funk-rock trio out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, formed in 2008, is made up of Steve Harley (singer/guitarist), James Bond (bass) and Gil Roy (drums),

It all began when Steve and James divorced their wives within 3 months of each other and found themselves living in the same apartment building. They began composing and recording as they had put music aside once before. During that time period their recordings were filled with lyrical and emotional prowess in relation to their divorce situations. In what began as a way to escape the oain of divorce-related seperation from his infant son, Steve then began to fall victim to a growing prescription narcotic addiction, which was unknown to his bandmate (Bond) who came up with the band's Rx logo. It had more truth to it than he could've known. Steve is now 3 years clean, but retains the logo on his guitar as a to acknowledge the historical irony, and as reminder of life's precious fragility.
released their debut album, "Paleofidelity", in the spring of 2009. Their first single, "Up from the bottom" was played on at least 50 commercial and college radio stations from coast to coast. Four months later, the band had it's second nation-wide radio single, "Rude Reaction". This East Coast
Countdown producer's pick became one of only 2 Canadian tracks to be featured on RadioRnR's CD compilation "New Faces, New Music", available worldwide January 2010. Remedy was awarded a SXSW showcase through RadioRnR and through the Recording Artist's Guild as well.
Paleofedelity was followed by their second full-length album titled The Tyranny of the Smug which showcases the bands evolution in songwriting.

Accolades and accomplishments include but are not limited to:

Remedy is licensed to award winning film Wingman which was featured in 2013 Atlantic Film Festival
East Coast Music Awards Showcase 2011
Tour Tech East Christmas Party stage
Ballopolooza, Applepolooza, Warf Rat Harley-Davidson conference in 2012
Apple Blossum Festival, Kentville, NS in 2011
Breakfast television appearances in 2010 and 2011

Remedy is currently working on their third album and is planning for a spring/summer 2014 release

You can listen to and/or purchase their music by logging onto the following website(s):

Remedy is currently working with RAG in Beverly Hills, Ca. for licensing, a record deal, publishing and/or placement opportunities. They can be reached at 323-924-5897