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Casey Stevens

Casey Stevens
Keatchie, Louisiana, USA
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Rock, Progressive, Instrumental
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Last Label: AGGS
Too many to mention - Learned first licks listening to Gene Krupa


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Casey was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. He became interested in music at a very early age. He played the acoustic guitar with his best friend in a duo band, they named the Highlanders. He progressed to the electric guitar, and played his first nightclub on New Years Eve at the age of fifteen. In his heart, his goal was set on playing the drums. His mother helped him in this endeavor by purchasing a four piece drum set. The household was never the same. He beat those drums day and night trying to master beats to be able to play in a band. From age fifteen to eighteen he played the drums for several bands in and around the Houston area. Following his experiences in Houston, he played and experimented on the drums for several years. His influences at the time were any rock band album he could get his hands on. He would listen to the albums trying to emulate different styles, which eventually led to him to write and perform drum and percussion arrangements using a modern, yet original style. After a career at AMR - American Airlines as a Captain, he decided to start performing full time. He played in numerous bands, gathering the influences and style of the other musicians. He moved to Shreveport, Louisiana (Keatchie) in 2002, joined the Musicians Union, in hopes of connecting with local musicians. He has released three albums since arriving in Shreveport. Casey is now an Independent Drummer. He prefers playing in one band, but is patiently waiting for a professional spot in the music scene. He stated: "Im tired of drama Im tired of rehearsing for a year just to see someone break up the band." Casey says he will play the drums until he gets too old to play anymore. He stated: "Its in my heart, and I can't ignore it."