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Connersville, Indiana, U.S.
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Blues, Acoustic, Rock
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Me and other Sound Click artist that help me
Jim Croce, REO, Journey, Styx, SRV, Bad Company, BB King, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton


My Name is Kit Mann, I am a former Law Enforcement officer/Deputy Sheriff, EMT, and Soldier in the US Army Military Police. At 39 I had open hear surgery, and my sternum split apart. I have had 3 more operations, the last where they removed my sternum and replaced it with Kevlar and Gortex fabric, so now I guess I'm water proof and bullet proof. I have been writing music since I was a little kid. Once I became disabled I really put time in my music. My goal with music is not to make money per-se it is to try and touch one person with one song and my job is done, I'm happy, then I try and do it again. I don't have a band so on my first cd A CRY FOR HELP KIT MANN I had people volunteer to help me record the cd. Now I am working on my next cd GUITAR MANN, with the help of many sound click artist. I have a site at
My music tends to be eclectic since I enjoy so many types. There is soft acoustic, acoustic/electric blues, mild rock and country. I hope that you find a song you enjoy. On my two web sites all the music is free to listen to and download. God bless you and thank you. I hope you become a fan. The songs are from my first cd A CRY FOR HELP and 13 new songs to be used in my next cd GUITAR MANN. They are not in any certain order, all mixed up so your not going to be sure which are from my old cd and which are from my upcoming cd. Enjoy.
Kit Mann