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Richie Nav

Richie Nav
Ontario, OR, U.S.A
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Latin Rock
Label name:
Cebolla Records
Richie, Mike, Ricardo, Brian, Amelia
Mana, Los Bukis, Juanes, Jaguares


The history of Richie Nav

In the small town of Ontario, OR, four boys and a girl were born to farmers. Working in the fields at an early age, we began to compose music so that the sweet sounds of guitar could be heard between the weeds and onions.

Richie, the main guitar and lead vocalist, began to sing in the choir at the local Catholic Church, Blessed Sacrament. Every Sunday he was accompanied by his sister Amelia (piano, keyboards, and backup voice). Since then, Richie has always dreamed of being a famous musician and singer. Outside of the church, he began to play at small gigs and participate at local talent shows. Maturing, some of the themes for the album Richie Nav began forming little by little.

With time, Richie formed his first band. It consisted of Amelia, Mike (brother), and himself. The first show they ever played was at the local bowling alley, Sunset Lanes. They played cover songs such as All The Small Things and I Want To hold Your Hand. Experimenting with other musical ideas, Richies started concentrating on rock music, a genre that previously hadnt been touched by him very much. He played concerts with other musicians including: Lee Ragland (drums), John Fulwyler (guitar), Nick Matsumoto (bass), Donnie Stultz (bass), Chris Cox (guitar), and Colin Slaughter (bass).

Throughout their lives Richie and company had heard a variety of music, and they found themselves writing lyric in Spanish and creating pop/rock/alternative music. Trying to identify themselves as a Latin artist, Richie Nav was formed. Now, Brian (brother, drums), with his rhythm and beats served as another creative outlet. Hearing that the sound wasnt full, they sought to bring in Ricardo to play rhythm guitar.

Now, Richie Nav, with their first album and new direction consists of Richie, Mike, Brian, Ricardo (cousin, guitar) and Amelia. Richie Nav songs have been featured through many outlets, including the radio station KWEI 99.5 La Ley.