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Ryan Saranich

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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Time and time again, you'll find his name associated with major performances and great recordings, and Ryan continues to step up to the plate and prove himself as one of the finest young talents in the United States. Nate Morton (NBC's "The Voice", Cher, Madonna, CBS RockStar TV series, MTV's Rock the Cradle TV series, Vanessa Carlton) proclaims:

"Rarely have I seen a player so talented in so many aspects of music and its production. Songwriter, producer and a remarkable multi-instrumentalist, his talents transcend genre. Ryan is a rare breed of renaissance musician."

From 5 years old onward, Ryan has been studying music very seriously. As a graduate of the prestigious Northwest School of the Arts, hes had the opportunity to focus his education with the help of some of the finest teaching professionals in the world. Now years later as Ryan is consistently touring and recording in venues across the world, hes continuing to further his education as a student on scholarship to the renowned Berklee College of Music.

In years leading up, Ryan has been a consistent call for Saxophones, Drums, Bass and Piano/Keyboards/Organ as well as a respected producer and engineer. His discography includes recordings and motion-picture scores not only from the United States, but also recordings from Brazil, Italy and many other countries. Currently you can find Ryans music on 4 continents. Currently a Saxophone Principal at Berklee, Ryan still receives multiple calls a week as a recording artist on drums, bass and keyboards in the studios throughout Boston. Coupled with great magazine and online reviews, plus an award nomination from the Kennedy Center for a theatrical score, Ryans music only continues to grow.

J. Johnston (St. Croix Music Magazine May 2010) says: "....The first thing that grabbed me about Ryans music was his application of flowing melodic content over top of gut wrenching grooves..."

Joseph Wooten (Victor Wooten Band, musical director of the Steve Miller Band) says: "Ryan Saranich is one of the very talented upcoming young jazz writer/arranger/soloists on the scene. With his multi-leveled abilities, the sky is his only limit."

Not only a performing and recording artist, Ryans skills extend to composition and arranging too. Notably, Ryans song, If You Never Knew was premiered in May of 2010 by Croatias National Big Band, HRT Big Band, who further performed the song for the European Broadcast Union. Ryan continues to write music for the HRT Big Band. Additionally, Ryans work can be heard performed by the NC State Pachelbels Womens Choir and a number of small-ensemble groups in the United States.

As well, Ryan is a sought-after clinician, giving clinics and master classes throughout the year for various music stores and institutions of higher learning concerning saxophone, bass, drums, piano and a series of topics ranging from playing musically to jazz improvisation. Currently, Ryan has been traveling as an endorsing artist and clinician for Legere Reeds, most recently performing a string of concerts and clinics for them in New York City, Toronto and Los Angeles. Ryan is also very proud to endorse Jody Jazz Mouthpieces, Massaccio Woodwinds, Curt Mangan Strings, Subsistence Drums, Neotech Saxophone/Bass/Case Straps, Intellitouch Tuners, Clark Viper Oil and Mono Cases, and promotes these products as an artist at the NAMM Show.

Currently, Ryan keeps an extensive tour schedule while completing degree requirements at Berklee, where he is also performing on at least one recording session per week on various instruments, while in Boston.