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Frank Mckenzie

Frank Mckenzie
Springtown, Texas, United States
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Instrumental, Rock, Country
Just me for the moment.
Johnney Cash, Willie Nelson, Floyd Cramer, Jimmy Swaggert, Jerry Lee Lewis


Music is more a hobby to me, its a gift I was given and wish to share with any one that wants it. There is no greater joy on this earth, than a warm cup of coffee, the warm keys of a piano or the smooth feel of a guitar, newly stringed and freshly tuned under my fingers. My absolute desire is to be the best songwriter/composer I can possibly be, my greatest thrill in life is when something I wrote brings a tear to a eye, or a smile to a lip or a memory to a mind. As a young man I, like many had the dream of the big stage, the hot spot light and the cheering crowd, then in 1990 it all came to a halt when, while playing in a club a fight broke out and I was jerked off stage and spent 2 weeks in I.C.U. as a result of the beating I took. The resulting injury left me with a permanent seizure condition that later disabled me. Thats when I got my priorities straight and realized it just wasnt worth it. So now I write, perform and record my songs and post them where ever I can and if you click on one and listen, than you are my audience, and you are now helping me live my dream again, so from the bottom of my heart, I say.. Thank You!