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Bard of Ely

Bard of Ely
Lisbon, Portugal
Acoustic, Pop, Folk Rock
Label name:
DMMG Records
Bard of Ely
Neil Young, John Lennon, Cat Stevens, Syd Barrett, Bob Marley, Marc Bolan, Bob Dylan, REM
" Few artists have the nerve to add a kazoo to their music, but Steve Andrews, AKA Bard Of Ely does. I found that to be very cool right off. The thing is, Steve doesn't stop there. His music is filled with unconventional instruments and strange sounds..


Born in Cardiff, South Wales, Steve Andrews, who is commonly known as The Bard of Ely, is a singer-songwriter, poet, freelancer and author. He was given his title by Big Issue magazine in which he once had a regular column. He is now based in Portugal.
Bard of Ely has appeared several times at Glastonbury Festival and was a compère for the Avalon Stage in 2002 and 2003. He also performed at the Green Man Festival and has two tracks on the CD album of the same name as the event.
In 2002 his song You're a Liar, Nicky Wire fronted the Taffia EP on Crai Records and was rave reviewed in the NME singles page. The song features Phil Moxham of the legendary Young Marble Giants. Bard of Ely has also worked with Crum, a former keyboards player for Hawkwind.
In 2009 DMMG Records released an album by Bard of Ely entitled Welsh Wizard, and the label has followed on from this by also releasing a second album entitled Dive In Deep and an EP with the title Mañana. In July 2011, Bard of Ely's song Mañana qualified for the semi finals of the YouBloom Music Awards, a song contest being judged by Bob Geldof.
Bard of Ely won Best Blogger in the Shorty Awards in March 2011.
Under his real name, he is the author of Herbs of the Northern Shaman, published by O-Books. and as a writer has contributed to Tenerife News and the Tenerife Sun newspapers, as well as Kindred Spirit, Prediction, Permaculture, NFOP, Feed Your Brain, Welsh Coastal Life, Mediterranean Gardening and Outdoor Life and Living Tenerife magazines.