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Córdoba, Córdoba, Argentina
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Alternative, Indie, Rock
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DubbSpot Records / Sony Music Argentina
Jose Visconti: Vocals / Cesar Fernandez: Guitars / Enrique Paglia: Drums / Cesar Nocetti: Bass
Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Radiohead, Coldplay


Odoghan (Irish.O´doghan) is an alternative rock band formed in Cordoba, Argentina in 2005. The band´s line-up includes Jose Visconti (vocals and guitar), Cesar Fernandez (lead guitar), Cesar Nocetti (bass) and Enrique Paglia (drums).
By the year 2004 Jose Visconti and friend/guitarist Cesar Fernandez had already been playing the local bar and pubs scene putting some acoustic shows in front of small audiences , but a repertoire of own songs would take some longer time and experience. In 2005 once some songs had been written influenced by travelling to Europe and the Americas, guided by European producers, the idea of putting a band together grew bigger and stronger , so it took little time for the two to talk Cesar Fernandez´s cousin, Enrique Paglia into joining in and be a small step to become a four piece band. Cesar F. and Enrique P. had shared some stage experience in the former years playing together in a fairly well known local rock band called Medium. With the music and identity of the band rapidly shaping up Cesar Nocetti joins the group to complete the band.
Odoghan´s debut album, To mars was released in 2009 (currently sold online and In 2010 the band released an EP, consisting of four songs, three new ones anticipating what will be their second album and a re-mastered version of their first single Sail to the Moon. Sail to the moon´s video clip is released as well in 2010. 2011 finds the band finishing the recording of the songs of the second album to be entitled Fire and at the same time two of their songs were included in a Dvd/ Compilation project produced in the U.S (to be globally released) to raise funds to help Japan´s victims of natural disasters.
The band recently opened for Joe Cocker (March 2012), Roxette (May 2012) and Robert Plant (November 2012) in one of Argentina´s biggest venues, the Orfeo Superdomo holding 5000 people.Odoghan released their second album "Fire", past april ( Metronomo Music production Group and Sony Music) and is currently playing shows in Buenos Aires, Cordoba city and surroundings,


Jose Visconti: Voice & Guitar
Cesar Fernandez: Guitars
Enrique Paglia: Drums
Cesar Nocetti: Bass