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Looka From The Top

Looka From The Top
Topeka, Kansas, Shawnee
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Hip Hop, Rap, Crunk
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(But willing to listen to what a label has to offer)
Looka From The Top
Method Man/Young Jeezy/DMX/YMCMB
Mactunes Magazine/XXL


Born:December 22, 1978

Birthplace:Topeka, KS

Hometown:Topeka, KS (Top-City)

Joshua Looka A.K.A "Looka from the Top" was born,raised and still resides in Topeka, KS better known as Top-City,hence "Looka from the Top". He started rapping at the age of 12 but he didn't take it serious until 4 years later when he was 16 sitting in science class. There he met his good friend to this day "GE the Speed" for whom was also a rapper and a better one then Looka at the time and again "at the time" but time did change and for the better for Looka. So after an intoduction the both of them realized they were trying to reach the same goal in life which was making great music,money and getting the ladies. So after school everyday they went to each others house to start writing and eventually recording on a hand-held recorder hooked up to a walkman and from that they started making tapes for the block and the block loved the tracks they were comin up with. Later on down the line when Looka was in his 20's he had already made a name for himself and became a freelance ghost writer/rapper which meant Looka was down with all the local labels in Top-City without the hassel of signing a contract because he knew it was only a matter of time before he got a major record deal or atleast that was the plan. So during the wait Looka recorded albums for several local labels,appeared as a feature on collabo's with many different artists as well as doing shows with the labels that came to respect his talent in the hip-hop/rap game. Then in 2007 Looka got his break when he recorded his highly anticipated album "Something for the Streets" which included such hits as "Whips","Get'em up" and "Mentionin Names". He sent demo's to a few labels nation wide and got a response back from AtlanDec Records out of Atlanta which was a well known and respected Indie label. After many e-mails and phone conversations the label decided it was time to fly Looka to Atlanta for a photo shoot and to do a show at "Club 5150" so Looka packed his bag and was off to the A.T.L. While on the label Looka was in a few hip-hop/rap magazines,numorous radio interviews and became number 43 on ringtones for his hit song "Whips". After the contract was up Looka decided to part ways with the label that helped him become more established then he was before he left for the A.T.L for personal reasons but he will always have the upmost love,admiration and respect for AtlanDec Records. "Looka from the Top whose latest accomplishment includes opening for some of todays hottest rap/hip-hop acts that includes such legends as Lil Wayne, Tech Nine, 36 Mafia, Dem Franchise Boys, Webbie and thats just to name a few. His rap style is Mid-West over tight head bopping beats that get the crowds pumped i.e. Whips, Hey, All I Know & Get em Up. Looka has received very good reviews from some of todays top critics local, regional and national as he continues his journey to reach fans worldwide. This artist has a great stage presents and a good positive attitude when working with others to give the fans the best show possible that will make every fan experience that attends his concert a memorable one. Looka has been in the shadows honing his skills for years now and its time for him to come into the light and show the world what hes all about with his cutting edge music. At the end of 2011 Looka by way of phone and internet was introduced to fellow artist D.E also a rising and successful Caucasian rapper hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah that was born one month apart from Looka one state away, also given the name Joshua.
The two artist formed the break out Duo JOSHUA recorded the single Bang Bang which got instant recognition and got the fast rising group airplay on MACTUNES radio and a feature in MACTUNES MAGAZINE.
Having just released their second song the enormously respected and loved track Im Amazing featuring Dwan, a friend and fellow Salt Lake artist with D.E. it is quickly clear that Looka has not only redefined himself as a rising star but that the group JOSHUA has an enormous future in the hip hop industry.