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Wind Clan

Wind Clan
Alternative, Hip Hop, Funk
C. Wind, J. Wind, E. Wind
Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan, Parliament Funkadelic, A Tribe Called Quest


"Having grown up in the home town of music greats like Otis Redding, Little Richard and James Brown, the Ninjas have a rich legacy to live up to. These Macon, GA natives are doing their best to honor musical history while mixing in a new school sound that is all their own.
Cousins James, E and Chris Wind grew up together and their family bond keeps them grounded and their music fresh. "Were not mixing family and business, were mixing family and music," Chris says. "We work together to create some great stuff."

The three cousins have a simple and honest approach to the music they create. They just tell their story. They talk about what they know, rapping from the perspective of young men growing up in Macon, where they say, there is very little opportunity to "make it out".
"In everything we create, we just keep it Wind," says James. "Thats all we can do. Were different because were us and the people we are translates into our music."

Pulling from the influence of groups like Outkast, Wutang and A Tribe Called Quest, their originality, high energy beats and gimmick-free lyrics are a refreshing change of pace for their listeners.

The Ninjas are on the road toward self respect and manhood and are taking their audience along for the ride. "Everything in the mix is our real life," James says. "We just put it on wax."

The three have been musicians since childhood and as men, they want to make an impact not only on Macon but on the world." --IC Music website