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RKR Fusion

RKR Fusion
Tallahassee, Florida, USA
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Jeremy Roberts, Keyboards,John Kepler, Drums, Daryl McGowen, Bass
Medeski, Martin & Wood, Meters, Galactic
RKR Fusions performance at the Party In The Park Festival in the Railroad Square Art Park was the pinnacle show of the afternoon. It is rare that such a small band, a trio with Jeremy Roberts on keys, Eric Rogers on bass and John Kepler on drums/ percus


RKR Fusion is an eclectic combination of musical styles which has produced deep, tasteful grooves that captivate the listener. A large part of the uniqueness of their sound is they are a rhythm section that plays all the melodies and harmonies too. In this respect you can hear one of their major infuences, Medeski, Martin & Wood, but there are many others. For instance, The Meters, Galactic and Stanton Moore have provided the New Orleans funk flavor; Fela Kuti and Hugh Masekela the polyrhythms of Afrobeat; Chopin and Greig for compsition and chordal structure. Add all these ingredients into a hot broth of solid musicianship and you come up with a big ole pot full of groove known as RKR Fusion.