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Smoke at Midnight

Spokane, WA, USA
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Blues, Blues Rock
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RedRock Productions
Ray, Rob, JR
Blues, Classic rock


This all started as just a family sing along with my limited guitar playing and two young boys. Who knew they would inspire me to grow musically and technically as they themselves took to guitar and music with a voracious appetite at ages 8 & 11!

Without any formal instruction, Robbie (now 16) is emerging as an accomplished lead player and his younger brother JR (now 13) has developed a solid bass groove influenced by jazz band in school.

My skills in playing and writing quickly advanced to give them the rhythmic canvas on which to develop and grow. Blues is the backdrop for Smoke at Midnight and a great foundation for them to explore and venture into other genres of music.

Singers we are not! Smoke at Midnight continues to write and perform guitar instrumental music in the blues and acoustic ballad tradition.

We search for those beats and rhythms of complex melodic interest that highlight the harmonies and subtitle interactions between these great instruments. We aim to delight the senses and strike a chord deep within each listener.

Give Smoke at Midnight a listen and share in our delight as we continue to grow and expand our unique sound!