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Barry Beezy

Barry Beezy
Gainesville, Florida, USA
Hip Hop, Rap, Crunk
Label name:
Sunshine State ENT
Fat Boi, DC & Poohna Pam Poon
Tupac, Frank Lini, Micheal Jackson


My name is Barry S. McLeod, II but musically I go by Barry Beezy. I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, I grew up in poverty stricken neighborhoods Pineridge, Lincoln Estates and Duval Community and I graduated from Gainesville High School in 2009. Ive been writing and doing music since age 4. In middle school I started a group called "Sunshine State Ent" that consists of my three brothers DC, Fat Boi and Poohna (FREE POOHNA) and myself of course. I created a logo and all. My mission in life is to one day be successful in every aspect of the music industry. Ive come to you asking that you LISTEN to the MUSIC and if you love it as much as I do, you'll support us by playing on the radio stations, repost my tweets, watch the videos on youtube & word of mouth. Tell a friend to tell a friend bout that boi BARRY BEEZY & SUNSHINE STATE ENT!!! Help support Gainesville Music