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Warner Robins, Ga, US
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Jason Lowery
Just about anything from the old to the new in all genres, Im not limited to anything
2001 Honorable Mention John Lennon Songwriting Contest, 2003 #2 and #6 in Hip Hop Genre
Working in Studio and Working very Hard on Promotion right Now, Hoping to be Touring soon..within 2011 or beginning of 2012


My Name is Jason Lowery or I also go by JL. I grew up in a small town called Warner Robins, thats smack dab in the middle of Georgia. I have been a musician for just about my entire life. Growing up I was lucky enuff to have a father that was a guitar player and stayed on the road doing gigs. He was mainly a Rock-n-Roll guy but that didn't keep me grounded there. I did pick up the guitar and started playing around the age of 10. I was also interested in other genres like hip-hop and pop. So with that being said my influences are very wide. I can and have listened to anything from the oldest to the newest and about any genres. I can appreciate talent no matter what the so called genre is. I now enjoy the whole production of the song, as I am a guitar player, keyboard player, sequencer, recording engineer, and I also do some mixing. Pretty much about 90% of all my work is my own from the beginning of the beat to the lyrics and the overall mix. I have also been part of a group called Apakacrakers, which is a gout of Hip-Hop and R&B and Pop oriented music and lyrics. We have 3 albums under our belt and hundreds of songs. We have done a couple hundred shows thruout Georgia and possible will do a few more. We have had a couple songs that placed in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, which I feel was a great accomplishment for us a a group.My goal now is too first of all enjoy what I do. I would also like to be able to let others hear what I can do whether its thru the radio, internet or catch a live show. Music will definitely be a part of my life forever no matter where I am or what I may be doing. I am always interested in doing something different, something that is fresh and easy to listen too. I want to be able make music that catches ears of people that are all ages and I definitely don't want to be held into one genre or category. I want to be able to make an album that is not classified and is just a collection of what I do best which is make song that people like to listen too