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Steven Sings A Love Song

Steven Sings A Love Song
Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
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Pop, Ambient, Electro
Laury-C., Armin Solero, Steven


The arising of Steven Sings A Love Song takes its beginning in September 2008 when I got a bad flu and had to stay home for a week. On the first day, after two hours of staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, I was getting bored. So I decided to get up and surf the internet for a while to find some inspiring pages.
After a few minutes, I stumbled upon the very beautiful and artificial site “”. I looked around, watched some of the beautiful videos until I found an audioclip named “Steven Sings Love Song”.
Just one Aborigine singing a song: nothing else – no instruments, no other vocalists, just some birds in the background and some kind of bee flying by, recorded somewhere in the Bush of Northern Australia. I was deeply touched by this. Listening to this song for a second time I heard it all inside of me: the groove, the bass line, the harmonies, the strings…..
I was struggling for a moment or two. Should I start the work on this now or would it be better to go back to bed to be cured by time ?..... It was sounding too clear inside of my head.
As a result, I started my Audio Workstation. I first transferred Steven’s singing and then began the creative work of production. So coughing and sniffing around.
It was sort of magically easy and everything fit well together. Steven’s singing was timed and intonated very well (I don’t believe that he was given time and key before the recording of his voice was started). Just a little bit of adjustment was needed. Astonishing… And all the arrangement I had heard inside myself before worked fine as well.
After 5 days the track was done and I liked it. No… I loved it. And I loved doing it even though I was ill. Five days of bathing in the evolving sound of Aborigine singing mixed together with the electronic stuff that I use: What a wonderful trip !
While working some thoughts arose inside me. I wish Steven could listen to the track. Would he like it ? And what would the other Songmen say ? I want to do more stuff like this, maybe I could even meet him and the Yolngu people….
The same night after mixdown I made some phone calls to California and Northern Australia. The contact with the people of the Christensen Fund was easy and very friendly. Henrietta, the contact in Australia, liked my work very much and Rolf de Heer, the producer of the videos shown on the “12canoes” site, said this project has to happen.
Henrietta gave me the number of Xavier, a really nice French man, living and working in Ramingining, the village Steven comes from.
While keeping in touch with Xavier, I send the track to my coproducer Armin Solero and asked if he would like to fly over with me, doing the recordings in Australia. His call back after listening to the song was very short: “When’s take off ?”
After some more phone calls I had gathered the staff together: my dearly beloved coproducer Armin, an acquaintance who is a social worker and cameraman and I found a company that would sponsor the flight (my pocket money couldn’t cover it all) in case the project’s happening is secured.
All that happened within two days after the track’s mixdown. Everything was going forward well. Better than ever before…
But now things were getting sticky. Xavier was hard to reach by phone. In addition to this, the phone connections were often unstable and fuzzy. Things with his work in the library were going bad and he was stressed by that. Steven was out somewhere in the Bush and couldn’t be found anywhere. And two months later I couldn’t reach anyone any further.
If I had had the money to fly myself, I would have taken the next flight to Darwin and checked out the possibilities. However, I had none; and since the sponsor would pay only the flight if things were fixed, I had to stay at home.
After all that, I needed a break.
Since then, nearly every time someone asked me to show some of my music and it came to “Steven Sings A Love Song” they said “wooooowwww” with their mouth wide open. Me, I thought: “Yes, and it’s sleeping deep ‘n well on my hard disc…..”
Now, in the beginning of 2012, a bit more than 3 years later I decided that this is not the way it should be. Even if someone should feel offended by the release of this production without us having the clear “go – ahead” and the full rights to do so, it’s better out in the world than sleeping on my disc. Out in the world it can live and maybe other listeners love it as much as I do. On my hard disc, it ain’t nothing more than a memory.

50% of all the effective income flows directly to the Yolngu People of Ramingining and they or an authorized representative have the full right of oversight to the relating accountancy, the other 50% of the money will be saved to finance further productions contributing the People of Ramingining.
As you may see, Armin and I, we are still dreaming of doing a complete album with Steven and the Songmen of Ramingining.

If you would like to sponsor or support this project or if you like to get involved in a further way, please contact us.

Laury – C.