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Fortified Destruction

Fortified Destruction
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Vyas "Hex" Manalan - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar, Karan Praveen - Rhythm Guitar, Kevin Paul - Bass Guitars, Nikhil Narayan - Keyoards/Synthesizers, Sankararaman Krishnamoorthy - Drums
Dimmu borgir, Children of bodom, Norther, Symphony X, Mozart, Beethowens, JS Bach
"Killer" - Merwyn Christopher (Frank's got the funk)


Early days
The band was initially called Hallucination Extreme with Hex on Vocals, Cletus on Lead guitars, Merwyn on Lead guitars, Arnold on bass guitars, Srinath on Keyboards and Sidharth on drums, they recorded an Iron Maiden cover "Fear of the dark", later the members left the group due to some other interests.

Name change new line up
Hex went on and found new members and took lead guitars and vocals and renamed the band to Fortified Destruction. Now with Pradeep Gopalan (ex-nerverek) on rhythm guitar, Sidharth Radhakrishnan on drums and Henry on Bass, the line did not last well until Henry was fired due to his low dedication and personal problems, Sidharth had to quit as he was transfered to a different state, meanwhile Hex and Pradeep got Marcello to fill in for the drums and Srinivas Anand (Ex-Chaotic Oblivion) on bass, together they recorded the band's first Single "Demonology" which was released online during April of 2012. Later Pradeep had to quit as he moved to Phillipines for his corporate career. This time Srini took up the Rhythm guitars and Komal was recruited on bass, along with Hemanth full time on drums, later Hex's friend Gideon joined the band as the keyboardist, this line up lasted for one headling show at Metal Invasion, until just before the show Hemanth absconded from the band without any notice, Sidharth filled Hemanth in for the show.

Hiatus and comeback
Just right after the show Gideon quit the band and his musical career due to family reasons. Meanwhile ex-Chaotic Oblivion vocalist Anju Anto joined the band as the female clean vocalist, for 3 months the band was on a hiatus, which demotivated Srinivas and he eventually quit, now left as a duo Hex and Komal auditioned drummers which proved quite frustrating, finally they selected Sankararaman as the drummer, which Komal going into rhythm guitars, and Kevin joining in as the new bassist.

Musical change and the departure of Komal
The quarter jammed couple of times, this became a turning point in the musical direction, from being a brutal black/thrash metal band the sound changed to more melodic neo classical influenced metal, which Komal did not accept, and showed dis-interest in the band, for which by mutual decision he decided to quit and he went on to join the progressive rock band Witchhouse.

The new era begins
With the new line up and a different combination of Hex's harsh vocals and Anju's clean vocal lines the band sounded more polished and melodic, the new line up debuted by headlining Unwind center with Aneesh Thuna (Beyond Blood) filling in for the second guitars and Harshvardhan filling in for the keyboards, later the band headlined at Broken Neck festival along with Thrash, this time with Sruhit (ex- Iborg, Perplexion) filling in for the rhythm guitars and Srivatsan filling in for the Keyboard, Karan Praveen the lead guitarist from Third Eye took a liking for the band's music and expressed his feeling to play with the band, finally the second guitarist slot was full with Karan joining in as the 2'nd Guitarist permanently and Harsha filling in for the keyboards, the band then went on to perform at the Pit Exclusive 2013 at Bangalore as the main supporting act and got an overwhelming response from the crowd. Anju suddenly quit the band for other interests ( her own solo rock band), Nikhil Narayan later joined the band as the permanent keyboardist.

Currently the band is recording their debut 4 track EP which is set to release later this year.