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Grim Legion

Grim Legion
Freehold, New Jersey, United States
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Death Metal, Metal, Black Metal
Devlin Bane - Guitars / Lead Vocals Markus Misery - Bass / Vocals, Ryan Donato- Drums, John Paradiso - Lead Guitar
Venom, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath


Grim Legion was created in the mid 1980Тs by founding member, Devlin Bane. Line-up changes were frequent, as the right formula was being put in place. Throughout the 80Тs, the band tore up the Jersey shore and Staten Island with the classic line-up of Bane, Joe Mara on bass, and revolving drummers of Joe Inga and Magan Bane.
In the 90Тs, Markus Misery took the reigns of Bass, with John Paradiso of the legendary Evoken on guitar, and Grim Legion was solidified until a break-up. Grim Legion was gone until Mike Blood from Sacrificial Blood demanded the return. He was so pivotal in the reformation that he was added on Drums. Adding Mike to the foundation of Bane and Misery solidified the band. In late 2011 Grim Legion took the stage for the first time in well over a decade. The EP Unholy Resurrection was recorded shortly thereafter.
After a tumultuous 2012 that saw a temporary hiatus, Grim Legion is proud to welcome John Paradiso back on guitar. We are also proud to announce and welcome Ryan Donato, from Condition Critical, on drums. Samples of an unreleased album can be heard right here. With the solid line-up of Bane, Misery, Paradiso, and Donato, Grim Legion will at long last be recording it's EPIC!!! Stay tuned.
@grimlegionnj (on Twitter)