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L-Product is an upcoming Boston Rapper, who is striving to make his mark in todays music industry. His interest in music started at the age of 13. As a young man he would get punished for things he didnt do or things he felt were minor. As a relief L-Product would rhyme and write poems to release the anger. What was punishment to his parents, turned into a love for song writing. L-Product wrote an album for a Boston Female Group called FTO. After seeing the drive in his music, Live City Productions gave L-Product the opportunity to work on his album with the benefit of unlimited time; he leaped head first into his music. L-Product is one of the most humble and determined artist I know. Being around so many different flavors of music it took L-Product sometime to create a style he could call his own and when he did he knew he would make a difference in the music industry There are also major record companies showing interest in L-Product. A couple of years later, he began working on an album called Come Burn 1 Wit Me. What started out as a hobby and a way to vent is now blowing up on a massive scale.

L-Product started out doing shows in local Boston landmarks like the Strand Theater, Roxbury Community College, The Reggie Lewis Center, The Perkins Community Center, and numerous shows at some of Bostons hottest clubs. L-Product has also earned a chance to open at The Tweeter Center and TD Banks North Garden for some of musics biggest names like Trey Songs, LL Cool J and Mall G. With his real life bean town street swagger, L-Product began making positive music. He began with one of his most controversial songs ever PUT THA GUNZ DOWN. L-Product said, This song can make me or break me, but even with this on the back of his mind, he still went full force with the record. With all the gun violence spreading through communities, there was no better time to push this record and create a buzz for his upcoming album.

In July 2008, L-Product faced what seemed to be his greatest loss, his cousin Jarvis, who was his engineer and also his beat maker, was murdered by gun fire. L-Product confused and hurt was stuck on the question, What do I do now? Not only was this a loss to his music and his family but he felt like the music has brought him and his family closer. L-Product says, Never once did I think that I would dedicate Put Tha Gunz Down to my cousin. This is crazy, its not about me or the music anymore, its like I hear him in my ear saying, dont quit cuz, we came too far, we gotta make it. Soon as I thought things couldnt get any worse, my cousin got murdered and a couple of months later just when I thought things were getting better on new years eve my hype man (Devonte Franklyn) gets brutally stabbed on a local M.B.T.A., which is our public transportation. Throughout the mist of all this unnecessary violence in the community, I still manage to stay focus on my dreams in memory of my lost ones.

On April 24, 2009 L-Product received a New England Urban Music Award for *Best Producer and *Songwriter for his PUT THA GUNZ DOWN record. He began to stay busy by opening up for headliners like R-Kelly, Red Cafe, Mike Jones, Raekwon, and Norega. This earned him radio station interviews on the local Boston stations such as Touch 106.1fm, WERS 88.9fm, JAMN 94.5fm ,WRBB 104.9fm and Browns College 88.1fm. He also appeared on television Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) a cable network and Cambridge TV (CCTV) interviewed by Wally Sparks, L-Product said he will die in the ring before he throws in the towel. I asked him what he meant by that? and he smiles and replies I'll never give up yelling jjjjjjaaaarrrrrvvvveeeyyyy

With that said L-Products astounding hard work paid off by, amazing performances and outstanding entertainment by being a**four time award winner** for the New England Urban Music Awards