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Mandee and the ABC Girls

Mandee and the ABC Girls
St.George, Utah, USA
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Christian, Pop, Hip Hop
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Mandee & the ABC Girls
Mandee 12, Aubree 9, Brittnee 8, Christee 7
Jesus Christ, Mom and Dad


Mandee and the ABC Girls are an Amazing group of “Sister Singers” and performers. They are ages 14, 11, 10, and 9. Not only are their vocals and harmonies amazing, beautiful and wonderful for such young artists, but they are all best friends and Sisters! This unique group, although very new to the business, have in just a few months, amassed thousands of fans and followers! They have Fan’s on Reverb Nation, Face Book, Twitter, My Space, Soundcloud, The Spot light Zone, as well as 100’s of local Fans right here in Southern Utah.
These wonderful girls have been performing quite literally from the time they could talk! In fact a great story about Mandee… (the oldest @ 14)… is ever since she could talk..(Between 1-2 years old)… she learned several songs (from her older sister Kaydee) that she sang everywhere! At about 2 years old...she began singing very clearly and confidently. Amazingly, almost every time we would go shopping, inevitably some stranger would walk up to her, at the store, and give her money and tell her how wonderful her voice is and how beautiful she was... It REALLY was quite incredible! Mandee would say "thank you" with a big smile, and then go on singing loudly!
Mandee has been such an awesome influence on her three little sisters...Aubree, Brittnee, and Christee .(A-B-C .. hence the "ABC Girls") They do everything together…from singing, dancing, acting, and just being little girls... The amazing thing is they constantly want to be in front of a camera or a microphone... It's just who they are... they don't do it to be famous or special or popular... they just love to sing and love to see people smile and laugh. They REALLY know this is who they are... they have made "believers" out of their parents! They all have been performing since they could talk.
As we said earlier, Mandee and the ABC Girls also have an older sister, Kaydee (21 yrs.). As they were growing up, Kaydee and all her younger sisters would perfom at church, school, community events, holiday celebrations, county fairs, care centers, hospitals, family, friends, stores, restaurants… on and on… literally anywhere and everywhere people will watch and listen! The girls were blessed to see the successes of their older sister Kaydee, as she made the cast of all her high school plays… getting lead roles in every one of them. Kaydee has an amazing, unique and beautiful voice. It is obvious that God has had a plan for our family as ALL five of our girls love and live to perform and sing. This is just who they are.
As for Mom and Dad... we are just happy parents that love each other, love our Children, love music, love to write poems and songs, and love the Lord and ALL people. Tonya (Mandee and the ABC Girls Mom) has been writing songs for over twenty years. In college, she studied music. She has been a powerful role model and example to the girls. She has not only taught the girls music and singing, but has taught the truths about God and his plan for all mankind here on earth. The Lord has blessed us with children that truly love all people, and know that everyone is a child of God no matter what race, creed, or religion. The Lords plan is for ALL people! Our family truly prays every night that "their voices and music will touch the hearts of all the people in the world and change the world!" In fact, that quote came from Mandee while praying. This is what they love, as we said already, this IS who they are.
Tonya finally decided to start putting her words and melodies to music this year because we had someone… whom we love dearly… attempt to commit suicide. Tonya and the family have been inspired with even more words and songs than ever before this year (2012). We all have felt a tremendous urgency to get these songs out to the world! We prayed and fasted…looking for someone to help us and was guided to a production company that produces beats that we fell in love with. We “married” Tonya’s words and melodies to these beats … creating unique, spiritual, uplifting, fun, positive music for all ages! We must give credit and can’t thank Shadowville Productions enough for their help in the creation of the musical composition of each song.
We as parents support our children and encourage them to live their dreams. They continue to humble us as we watch them actually do it! We are moving slowly and methodically...listening to promptings of God's Spirit. Our mission, as a family, is to provide positive, uplifting, fun, heartfelt music…AND… to send Love, Happiness and Hope to the entire world through our music! We know through God all things are possible… and we believe through God… and with support from those who believe in this cause… We All can change the world! As a very famous singer once sang …“make it a better place!”…
Love Mandee and the ABC Girls and family 