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Arvada, Colorado, U S
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Blues, Jazz, Rock
Steve Morse, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson


arry Cotton was born in Caracas, Venezuela of an American Dad and an Italian Mom. At the age of 17 he received he's first Guitar and the teenagers musical ability was soon noticed by the music establishment of Caracas.

In 1974 he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he mingled with a variety of musicians. In the early 80's, he moved to Colorado where he did various studio work and formed a top 40 band that he took on tour all over the country.
Larry Cotton worked on and released three albums in 2011. The albums, G T R, Rain in Paradize and Legend, ITunes.

As early as the 80's, he was recording demos for record companies, in between the multitude of gigs he played while spending most of his time on the road. Never a commercial musician.

Larry's talent was evident from the start, but finding a label willing to promote the music and care about him, as an Artist, would prove difficult.
Larry Cotton has a unique style of music with no compromising for the sake of acceptance.