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Scha Queen

Scha Queen
Lewisville, TX, USA
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R&B, Rap, Religious
Scha Queen
Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, 2 Pac, Pastor Troy, Tha Brat, Mc Lyte & many more.
The Dallas Weekly


Tears raining from eyes, my heart broken and my life in shambles, I sing my heart out to my Lord and savior. As,” Help Me Lord” pours from my soul, I feel as though I have sabotaged my life and forfeited unseen memories to the world. February 2012, I find myself at a crossroad, give up or show up. With everything around me falling apart, I find strength in the battlefield. This day, when I am pushed to my breaking point, when all feels lost, I find new life. My name is Scha Queen. My Aunt, Princess, awarded me the name when I was a little girl. I will tell you now I DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF A RAPPER. People who know me and have heard the music from my current project say that it doesn’t even sound like me on the track. I joke and tell them I‘m a track-tress, I act over the track. The one thing I like about my album is that due to my constantly changing style it doesn’t lack originality. Dallas Musik & Roski Muzik have very talented ears. Our beats set the stage for some of my most captivating songs. Friends call my lyrics the Living Word of Hip Hop due to my poetic approach and subliminal messages. When people ask about my new found joy I tell them “JUST BE YOURSELF. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”. I began rapping at age 15 with a friend of mine. We did a gospel remix to “Up Jumps the Buggy” by Timberland and Magoo and came up with “Up Jumps the Spirit”. That is how my love for poetry became a love for Hip Hop. We performed at the “Potters House” and won a 2nd place prize. At age 16 I met a group of guys that did music, at that time called, “Head Records”. They were doing a song named “Bounce” and asked me to get on the track. I am naturally very shy so I was scared, but I am also a born people pleaser, so I did it. That was the first time I had used my words for a purpose other than praising the Lord. Now an evolved artist, I still use “curse” words, but there is usually a deeper meaning to why I am saying it. I feel that words are just words. Calling a man a “bastard” or a woman a “hoe” is more accepted among Christians, but they can be just as hurtful as the B word. Why is it that it’s okay to call a man a dog, but not okay to call a woman a female dog? Good question, huh? I feel as though words are what we make them. Funny thing is the words we call “curse” words are VERY POWERFUL words. At this point the world only uses them for evil, as though the Devil has his stamp on them. My goal is to use what has been branded “evil” to defeat the REAL EVIL that is now running the world. I plan to beat him at his own game. We spend too much time hating the sinner and not the sin itself. WE HAVE LOST FOCUS! I will tell you now, I DO NOT THINK IT IS OKAY FOR OUR YOUTH TO USE “CURSE” WORDS. Their minds are not developed enough to understand when and how to use them. I am just learning how to use them myself. Many people assume that multiple people write my verses because they can get deep, but I assure you only myself and my Heavenly Father collaborate on my lyrics. I AM A LIVING SACRIFICE BOLDLY REVEALING MY SECRETS TO THE WORLD FOR THE GREATER GOOD. The Lord has blessed me so that I may find His lost sheep. I used to care what people think, but ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME. The blood will wash me clean. As I shed myself of the layers of filth the world has placed upon me, so that I can find the TRUE me, I hope to be used as one of the Lords greatest tools to reach the nation. FINALLY ALL MY TEARS & TESTS HAVE BECOME TESTIMONIES. Most of my life I didn’t feel like I fit in, like I was special or beautiful. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, so I felt worthless. It took me breaking down to demolish the walls the devil had set up in my mind as a child so that I could be comfortable being myself. I can be silly, but I am a woman about my business. I am sexy, yet sweet, confident, yet humble, stern but still flexible. There is a lot to Scha Queen. Take it or leave it. Love it or hate it. If people will lend me their ears I will slowly tell the story of my life. I will begin introducing my past to my fans when I release my first single “The Butterfly Effect (III Timothy)”, due to be released on my youtube and facebook accounts on April fool’s day 2012. It tells the story of a very abusive relationship I was in. It is a story of fear, hurt, betrayal, confusion and more. All emotions the devil uses to stir up anger and strife, ultimately opening doors that allow the devil to steal gifts that have been placed within us. Many people have told me they haven’t heard a hip hop song this powerful since 2 Pac. I know this song will cause a lot of controversy, but I am ready to stand with no fear of scrutiny. I believe the Lord has allowed me to tap into the mind of the devil using his own weapons against him. Now, not ashamed of my past, I am ready to be one of God’s greatest instruments. If you go through the fire a lot and continue to withstand the heat without damage, believe that God will use the heat from that fire to mold you into the perfect tool. They don’t say hind sight is 20/20 for no reason. You are not supposed to understand as you go through it because it would affect the results of His plan for you. Understanding the devil will allow me to expose him. YOU MUST BECOME A BEAST TO DEFEAT A MONSTER! I am finally ready to stand and fight. Will you follow me? Dallas it’s time to start a movement for our Divine And Loving Lord And Savior.

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