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Keef & the Weed

Keef & the Weed
Atlantic City, NJ, USA
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Funk, Jam Band, R&B
Hendrix, J. Brown, G. Clinton, Chic


Like to thank my man JJ for beamin me up!..that's the Weed anthemn..the only way out iz UP!..I play the funk, crossing many styles/genres to create a psychedelic sound that funky, uplifting and very humorous..I am self taught and not very professional, but I am creative, full of rythmn and got mad stories to tell..I channel energy from Nature itself..the Funk's gone green!..I love how I can get the THC efx form weed into sounds, to create that same feeling when ya shake yo booty..yea...this iz legal buds!!..As humans we come from dirt & return to dirt...sounds like weed to me..The Haze(aka the Sun), is our provider & guide..there's different weeds for different needs..healing, libation and food..I strive to take everyone higher...thinkin outside the box & using wat creativity I have..My grooves are you a momentary elated feelin, laced with lyrics from reality...good Balance!..Now come get funky wit me!..My last performance was at House o Blues with a house band..can't wait to do it on my own..get ready for the New World Cypher..