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Papel Mojado

Papel Mojado
Madrid, Spain
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Spanish pop, Rock, Indie
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bruce springsteen, Maná, U2, Beatles


London (Sarah) -Papel Mojado takes you back to the pop scene in Spain which was a mixture of different styles fighting one against the other, trying to succeed in winning the audience's affection. Madrid was the cradle of most of these movements, Papel Mojado is a wellspring of good songwriting and more keen on pop melodies mixed with electronic textures, the type of music that the new romantics are more into!
Papel Mojado (Worthless Piece of Paper), is the biographic essence of everyday life, everyday feelings. The manifestation of sentiments through melodies and lyrics. It is the stimulus indispensable for living and be able to feel that the capacity for happiness is always skin-deep.
Papel Mojado is, in a few words, a project which name represents all that we throw into a waste-basket when we consider It of no artistic or literary value.

Gerardo Dominguez. He had his first great creative experience surrounded by his best friends with whom he and his music grew and matured. For four years and together with them, he played in the rock group Credo as bass player and voice. Here he experienced the flash and glow of colourful lights and the unique sound of live concerts. During one of them in "Treinta y Tres", his native town in Uruguay, they recorded their first record.
Credo is part of the book De las Cuevas del Solis.Chronology of the Rock in Uruguay, Perro Andaluz Editions (2004)
When he moved to Montevideo, he added to his knowledge of music, one year of complementary piano and formed part, along his brother Daniel, of the Grana group, with which they recorded a disc.
Presently, he lives in Madrid, where the urban cultural influences walk together with the character of his music.