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Greg Ledder

Greg Ledder
Non Sang, NongBualamphu, Thailand
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Country, Acoustic, Rock
Greg Ledder


Hi everyone out there in Cyberspace!! I'm 53 years old (practically fossilised!) & so lucky to be living in the beautiful Isaan region of Amazing Thailand! I started singing from a very early age and first picked up a guitar at the age of 12. by the time I was fourteen I was playing the local pubs and clubs here in the UK. Went pro at the age of 24 - toured Norway, did a few stints in Germany and the Balearic Isles (Spain) and consider myself very lucky that people wanted to see me perform enough that I was able to make a living as a singer songwriter for the next 14 years touring the UK. Ok, so sometimes the people didn't have a choice - it was either me or nobody on the night but hey, the more they had to drink, the better I sounded and I always got away from my gigs alive - with my money - what more could I ask for?? I gave up the live work in 1998 but I'm still a keen songwriter when I get the chance and always have a recording studio of some kind wherever I live .....hoping to get some more of my music onto the 'net at some point in the near future so you guys can suffer too!
One of my all time ambitions is to be able to perform one of my songs at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville - yeah, like that's ever gonna happen!! Anyway,enough rambling on about me - if you haven't fallen asleep by now…..what are you guys up to?