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SuperMayne Productions (SMP)

SuperMayne Productions (SMP)
Park Forest, IL, USA
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Nu-Jazz, Funk, Fusion
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Old School Jazz/Funk and RnB music & artist
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I want to point out a few accomplishments I have achieved along the way to my musical quest. I was born September 1,1955 on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. As a child I always had an intense feeling about music. But due to economic strains on my family during my youth, I was unable to explore and develop my musical interest. However, in 1970 I was blessed with an opportunity to experience music in a new light. One of my sisters was a member of an all girl band. I hung around their practice sessions and was gravitated to the drums. One day I picked up the sticks and that was it, I was hooked. That was the beginning of my amateur career. As a young teenager I taught myself to play. I got together with some other friends and we formed a Funk, R&B and Blues band called the "Mighty Forces". We became professionals doing some traveling and playing local venues. This went on until I could not afford to actively play anymore because of the responsibilities of having children. This turned out to be a career changing period in my life, but the passion for music never faded. To that end, I always felt that someday I would have a second opportunity to achieve that which has eluded me for so long. In May of 2007, I chanced upon an excellent, intuitive and powerful software music application (MIXCRAFT) which gave me the tools and inspiration to regain and move forward with my music aspirations. It has been a difficult task to this point, but patience; diligence and divine spirit is paying off. I am using my computer, a Casio keyboard and my old "Pearl" drum set to envision, compose and arrange my brand of music. I wish to share this music with the world my website is Whether, my music thrills the masses or is just considered mediocre fan fair, I have truly re-discovered the joy and passion associated with how music can make a person feel. My heartfelt thanks and success to the Mixcraft team and their wonderful product. I have now dedicated myself to the art of music (my personal music). No matter if this becomes profitable or otherwise, it is something that means the world to me and I will continue to strive for musical excellence. Without any doubt, I appreciate music's power and majesty! May you take it upon yourself and join me on my musical and spiritual journey. Thank You, and may GOD bless!