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Mohana Dharma

Mohana Dharma
Manaus, Amazon, Brazil
Electronica, Pop, Rock
Mohana and Mario
Marlui Miranda, Loreena McKennitt, Rita Lee, Madonna, Milton Nascimento, Djavan, Alanis Morissette, A-HA, U2.


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Mystic - pop singer, songwriter and actress with her own songs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Sanskrit and Tikuna languages, from Amazon - Brazil.

- 5 years old – The beggining of her artistic career, as singer in the Children’s Choir and actress at Christmas play, playing the part of Mary – Jesus’ Mother. Several performances in other schools as singer and actress.
- 1983 – Starts her first Dance Classes.
- 1984 – Starts her first Drama Classes and debuts her first play in a professional group, on Amazon Opera House, Manaus – Amazonas. Concludes a professional model course and is invited to fashion shows and photos in Amazonas and Maranhão.
- Starts writting her first poems and songs.
- 1985 – Gets the 3rd award in the contest “Queen of Tourism of Amazon”.
- Studies Classical Ballet in São Luís – MA.
- 1986 – First performances in bars and clubs in Manaus – Amazonas and São Luis – Maranhão, Brasil.
- 1994 – Starts Lyrical Singing classes and is invited, in the same year, to enter the Amazon Choir, as Mezzo-Soprano. Performs, for the first time, at the Amazon Opera House, with the Amazon Choir, conducted by Moisés Barros.
- Is invited to sing with Madrigal Sol Maior, a famous choir in Manaus. They receive many invitations to perform in clubs, big companies and private parties.
- 1996 – Starts composing her first songs professionally, in English.
- Records her first demo - cd, “Rebuild!”, with 5 songs, hers and her friend’s, the guitarist Marcel Guedes.
- Carlos Jr., from Novidade FM radio, Manaus – AM, enjoys her musical project and plays her songs on the Radio, getting an excellent repercussion and many praises to her talent, unique in Manaus.
- Concludes a professional drama course, now at the famous Cláudio Santoro Cultural Center, Manaus – AM.
- 1997 – Is invited by Conductor Dirson Costa, one of the greatest names of the Lyrical composition in Brasil, having studied with Villa-Lobos, to enter his Sopranos’ group in the Amazonian Network of Radio and Television.
- Goes on her Lyrical classes and increases her vocal extension, entering the 1st Sopranos group.
- Takes part on Lyrical Ode “Manaus in Poetry” - composed by Conductor Dirson Costa and other great names of Amazonian Poetry - one of the most applauded works that Manaus had ever seen in all its history, presenting Music, Drama and Poetry, for 3 days, at Amazon Opera House.
- Is invited by Armando Mendes, DJ and musical producer from Novidade FM radio in Manaus / Amazon, to record a jungle-bossa-nova version of one of the Frank Sinatra’s biggest hits, “Fly Me To The Moon”. This version breaks in clubber parties in USA and Argentina, by DJ Soul Slinger, the brazilian DJ awarded in New York as “Best DJ of the Year 1998”.
- 1999 – Her first solo show, on July, 2nd , at Rio Negro Palace, in Manaus – AM, performing her own songs, big hits of the Popular Brazilian Music and International hits.
- Is invited by Conductor Dirson Costa, to record the CD “Manaus in Poetry”.
- 2000 – Writes the romantic ballad “Piece of You”, with the musician Rosivaldo Cordeiro. Records a single and breaks in all Radios of Manaus.
- Invited to take part in Amazonian Rock Anthology, in a Mayor’s Project called “Valores da Terra”, with the songs “Gloomy Evolution” and “Thoughts (About the Apocaliptic Destiny of Man)”, hers and her friend’s, Marcel Guedes. - Performs 3 wonderful shows at Ponta Negra Beach amphitheater, in Manaus and gets high praises to her daring and dramatic style on stage.
- 2001 – Starts composing in Pop style, more ballads, with her friend and composer Nicolas Jr. They write 10 songs together, in English language.
- Joins Rhythmus Dance Company from Manaus – Amazon, 1st National Jazz Award at Joinville International Dance Festival, in 2000.
- Invited by the choreographer Adriana Barbosa, from Rhythmus Company, to sing live, on public exhibitions of her choreographies and to teach Singing to the young dancers of the company musicals.
2002 – Writes her first song in Spanish Language: “El Sol Dentro de Mi”, with music by Nicolas Jr.
- Invited to perform some shows in Venezuela.
- Travels with Rythmus Dance Company to represent the Amazon at the 2 biggest Dance Festivals of the country, in Santos – São Paulo and Joinville – Santa Catarina.
- The Rythmus Company is the first dance company to take a singer to the Joinville Festival. Her performance enchants an audience of more than 5.000 persons, among brazilians and foreigner people, choreographers and art critics. Mohana and the Rythmus Dance Company, on Jazz Night, are highly praised. It is the most applauded company of the Festival.
2003 - Composes “Wiccan Sabbath”, with verses in English and Spanish.
- Meets a Tikuna friend, Ai and starts studying Tikuna Language.
- Is invited by the Tikuna “Tuxaua” (chief) Yu´u, to sing songs in their language.
She is baptized at a Tikuna clan, on April 18th, 2003 as MEPÜNÃ.
- Writes versions in English, Spanish and Portuguese for the Tikuna song “Yo’I”, talking about their beliefs and Gods. - On April 19th, performs with the Tikunas on Amazon Port, singing together the 3 versions of “Yo’I”, because of the Indian Day.
- Starts the project “Yo’I – Tikuna”, to record a single with the 4th versions of “Yo’I”, and to produce a video about the Tikunas - their life and culture - to raise money for the construction of the first Tikuna Culture Center in Amazon, to teach their language for their children and keep their Art and Culture alive.
- June, 06th – 2003 – The Yo’I – Tikuna Project is aborted by a private organization which prohibits her work, because of their own interests.
- 2003 - 2007 – Studying Philosophy, enters the Hare Krsna´s Temple and writes versions in English for two ancient Hindi mantras, “Jaya Radha Madhava” and “Shanti”. Composes the music and records the versions in Sanskrit and English .
- June, 13th, 2008 – Promotes her last compositions, "ElectroMantras", on radios in Manaus, Sao Paulo and some web radios in Europe.
- September, 2008 – Is invited by awarded Drama director Douglas Rodrigues to compose together with Mikelane de Almeida, and perform singing native languages in his spectacle “Yebá-Burôh”, at Amazon Opera House, for the 5th Amazon Drama Festival.
- October, 2008 – The soundtrack of “Yebá-Burôh” wins First Prize on 5th Amazon Drama Festival.
- 2009 - 2010 - Living in Galapagos Islands - Ecuador, writes the Spanish version for ¨Shanti¨, and composes her new songs in English and Spanish, ¨Galapagos¨, ¨Let’s Save the Amazon!¨, ¨Angel¨ and ¨Fofo’s Song¨.
- Iinvited to perform ¨Shanti¨, live, in Spanish version, by Zaracay FM radio, in Galapagos.
- 2010 - Winner of the Tena Festival of Drama and Music, in Tena – Ecuador, with her ecological play "Reflexiones de la Naturaleza", written, produced and directed by her.
- 2011 – Presents 3 shows in Manaus, featuring Influenza Rock band and takes part in Amazon Music Festival with "Filha da Lua".
- 2012 – Composes 13 new songs for her project “SOS Amazon Forest”, with lyrics in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Sanskrit and Tikuna languages.

October, 2012 - Producing 2 more songs.