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The Sea Above

The Sea Above
Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Postal code:
LE67 3QX
Indie, Alternative, Electronica
Joss Daniels - Vocals/ Steve Follows - Drums/ Rich Green - Bass/ Alan Ashcroft - Guitars/ Pete Mayes - Founder member and all round genius
Garbage, PJ Harvey, Rilo Kiley, The Duke Spirit, MUSE


When one door closes, another opens..........

The Sea Above, the name suggests many things, the ever changing nature of life, the power of the oceans or, perhaps that the sea forgets.....

For these five unique musicians it represents a fresh start, a new found urgency to play music and inspire each other. From the various shipwrecks of other less fortunate vessels, they found themselves stranded, back on the floor of the ocean again, staring up at the obvious engulfing them on all sides.

The obvious, that was threatening to overwhelm and drown them, became their oxygen, their lifeblood, and before long a new hope rose from the depths......

A new hope that sounds like everything, and nothing you've ever heard before.

At times the music soothes as it washes over you, embracing your hopes, fears, dreams and nightmares, seeking to ease the ills of life. Then from nowhere a cacophony of sound emerges from the deep, like some unknown tide. The power takes your breath away as it washes you into the maelstrom, filled with excitement and terror, the waves crash around you, threatening to overwhelm, until at last, they wash you safely onto an unknown beach, forever changed by your experience.

The Sea does indeed forget........... but you however, will remember........