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Ms. Melodee

Ms. Melodee
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R&B, Hip Hop, Soul
Aretha, Whitney, Patti, Janet,
"Let's Talk News Now"


Ms. Melodee,

Born Melanie Renea Jackson to the late Rev. Milton & Ruthie Mae Jackson. Ms. Melodee was born in Cleveland, Ohio raised in Canton, Ms went to school at Canton High School and East High School. Ms. Melodee was always an astute learner and wanted to know new things whereever she went. She finished high school, is certified in different areas of computer softwares and processing. She moved to Las Vegas, Nevada 1993 after the death of her father with her two siblings to continue to raise and mold them into grown men. After achieving that she then moved on to seek her own life as an artist of music. She met and collabed with local Host Danny G. starting her venture into the world of karaoke to find that she was not only loved but welcomed by Las Vegas but became one of the hottest local figures and co-hosts. She left to return home in 1997 after her grandmother's near tragic stroke to reside again in Mississippi and aide to her grandmother's recovery. Mrs. Alberta Jackson a great role model and mother figure in her life succumbed to the lord's calling in August of 2002 and caused a great setback to Ms. Melodee being so close to her grandmother and losing the last parent figure she held near and dear. Later after a year of grieving Ms. Melodee finally found peace with the loss of her loved one and moved to San Diego, Ca. where she came into her own and found different ways to express her loss. Ms. Melodee then met Jerry Wesley a local man from Alabama that had a passion for music as much as she and he offered his creative talent and became a financial source to her 1st album and music projects, together they became known as Jerri-Jay & Deltadiva a name she acquired from her stage performances throughout San Diego with bands such as Double Play, Coupe Deville, Bonafide Players, Zamore, and Masterpiece. Ms. Melodee later acquired her album name that was self released with the assistance of Bombeat Productions for recording and mixed and mastered by Studio West. She has opened shows throughout San Diego with Wildstyle Entertainment for Legendary Lenny Williams, Rose Royce and R&B platinum stars Rome and Jon B. comedian BET comic Jay Lamont as well as apart of American Inventor's (Simon Cowell) 1st Season with contestant Jerry Wesley in the top later be apart of her 1st reality show The Industry with Jr Records. She then starred, wrote music, and music directed her 1st major stage play. "I Can't Let Him Go" at Lyceum Theatre teaming up with Cynthia Pollard and San Diego's Angela Dixon the playwright. Now, after her independent accomplishments and more music ventures she is back with self released song "I Am Blessed" from the "Gospel In Me" and will released her next single "Hit Me Up" to re-enter into the music ring. She currently have songs for coast2coastmixtapes the link is available thru fb and other sites. So stay tuned there is more to come including her collab with her younger brother Ilex The Flame.