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Leonidis Productionz

Leonidis Productionz
milpitas, CA, USA
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Hip Hop, R&B, Rap
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Leonidis Productionz


Leonidis was brought from an old time friend known as Leno tha 16 bar killah let the inspiring rapper/producer join in Hellbound Ent. with the approval of YAK tha hittah and evil. Leonidis Productionz started long ago after the tragic death of YAK tha Hittah founder of Hellbound Ent. Was active around early 2011. Leonidis at the time was probated by his surroundings which left him to become a producer more than a rapper. By all the betrayal and tension that was going through his mind Leonidis was soon to develop alot of fans and enemies. Enemies include Rep House Ent, Chris Ayala, but mostly The Smokin Roots which never offered him any credibility what so ever on there album release. Leonidis quoted "Its alright i got all the copyights to all there beats keep making that money I'll get ya later on when you iccumulated enough hahaha." Leonidis till this day still finds a way to stick with his music through composing beats.