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Gilles Zimmermann

Gilles Zimmermann
Egling an der Paar, BY, Germany
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Instrumental, Other, Ambient


Composer and multi-instrumentalist, creates an original form of contemporary improvised music, using elements from medieval, world, jazz, contemporary music, as well as various popular music, with no boundaries. Plays electric viola da gamba coupled with laptop and Live Ableton.

Apart from western culture (Bach, Ravel, Monk to Hendrix and Frank Zappa), his musical sources are european (from Irland to the Balkans through Andalousia), and arabian, indian and african. Some say worldmusic... yes, coming from Lorraine...

After nearly 20 years of blues/rock/jazz guitar and bass, changed to the viola da gamba in 1993. Took some years to (re-)gain the same level as the guitar. The instrument changed his vision of music completely. Though he does like some of the baroque music for the viol, this music is not his world and he wants to show all the facettes of this wonderful instrument in all sorts of other musical contexts. Played a lot with oriental musicians (Persian, Indian, Arabian)
Music comes from the muses, not the museums !