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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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Folk Rock, Alternative
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Asha Audio
Rahul Misra,Indrajit Moitra,Indrajit Das,Daumik Chatterjee,Nilanjan Sammader,Punyadip Gupta
Folk song's of Bengal


In rural Bengal amongst the numerous estuaries and aqueducts, the most available mode of transport is a dingee or nouko or deenga which colloquially means a small boat in Bengali. These small boats float very lucidly amongst the bouncy waves of the branches created by the River Ganges. When u see and observe these boats from the banks, its seems that they are enjoying the tremulous waves of the river coming at them and singing a song to themselves with the boatman joining in at times. Thus, our Deenga is almost the same compared to the small boats of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, Padma or any other rivers of India and Bangladesh. These boats have a great importance in the folklore and folk music of Bengal. The boatmen themselves have a song of their own which is like the rhythmic bounce of the boat and the form is known as Bhatiali. These boats have ferried many songs on their back, be it Chatka, Jhumur, Bhavaiyya and for that matter Lalon Fakir and Rabindranath Tagore too. So we as Deenga also try to ferry these songs as well as Lalon Fakir and Rabindranath Tagore on the backs of 6 boatmen. We as Deenga try and keep the essence of rural Bengal and Bangladesh in the tunes we produce using modern instruments as our oars. Little do we know whether we do justice to the small boats which float on the wavy waters of the Ganges and Padma but one thing is for sure that as long as those Deengas float so will OURS!!