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Valby, DK, Danmark
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Pop, J-POP, Rock
Michael Jackson, Dido, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Utada Hikaru


"Liuwina" is old norse and means "the Friend of Life", it is also the real name of this young female Danish singer.
"My music, is my life, and I want to spread happiness to the world around me" she says honestly.

Ever since she was a child, she showed a great talent for singing, she was chosen for especially difficult songs in school plays, and would always love to be on stage.
At family gatherings she would always make people sit down and look at her performances. She always wanted to be the center of attention, when it came to singing or performing.

In her teenage years, she showed a great talent for singing songs exactly like the original singer, which would always impress people around her. She improved her vocals by listening and copying her favourite musicians.

Liuwina had always enjoyed writing poems, so taking the next step and creating lyrics was a natural thing to do. Though without the proper knowledge of playing musical instruments, she felt that she was unable to create music for real. Though she kept on writing lyrics and trying to record her vocals whenever she had an idea.

Recently she worked with a Japanese producer Toshi Yamazaki, when she was living in Japan in 2011. They worked together on 3 songs, for her demo album. Liuwina wrote the lyrics and made the voice melody, while Mr. Yamazaki accompanied the singing with guitar, and thus the music was born.
The 3 songs are called "Without You", "A Little Love" and "Reaching for the Stars", all of which can be heard at her ReverbNation account!

While in Japan, Liuwina also joined a band called R.I.O who specialised in anime music covers. They had 2 live shows in September 2011, in Tokyo, and of course, she was singing in Japanese.

The next project at hand, will be writing new songs, and for that Liuwina is currently searching for a producer to help her create new and wonderful songs.

"Music means the world to me, and I will do whatever it takes, to live out my dreams." - Liuwina