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Bob Fischer Jr.

Bob Fischer Jr.
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Acoustic, Folk, Christian
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Higher Purpose Music
Bob and Kari
See JJ's line it really is true. My biggest influences have nothing to do with how I sound
been out of performing for a while but looking to book


I think my greatest musical accomplishment is that fans have become friends and one had my music played as part of his funeral memories. God used me through music to touch a heart. My least worthy accomplishment is that I forgot this and made music about something else. May God use me once again

Yes that really is my cat in the picture. Her name was Maggie. She died of feline Leukemia at two.

I started playing the guitar in 1982 while serving in the Army. It took a while to get good but by 2001 I had my CD done. been performing in the midwest since. Got married in 2003 and my wife joined the act. For some reason after that people said I sounded better. backed off a bunch on the performing but still do a lot of charity stuff.

I have had some nice comments about the finger style and I really appreciate them. These songs were recorded in 2000, yes I will upload more, and in studio attempt with a metal duct hanging inches from my head. I recorded all 14 of them in one hour many on the first attempt so it was not intended to be much more than a demo to get jobs. feel free to be honest. I am so much better now when i practice. It was my first time recording and I was scared and did not know what to do with a a guy just out of school behind the controls. He did a great job I think. SM57 off the sound hole for the Guild D25CE and a SM58 for the vocals. This would not be my choices today but I did not know a thing back then and I got the recording time as a barter for some drywall work.

I can tell you I would like to record more some day and have been trying in my home setup but just cant seem to get for myself what I nail for others. getting close though. wish you could hear the finger style with an electric doing ambient affects.

Blessings to you all