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Henry Kevin Edwards

Henry Kevin Edwards
Lucedale, Ms, USA
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Blues, Rock, Jazz
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Free agent-Twin Creek Records
H Edwards,J Jones,D Monk,Don Monk,Z Gunter,Tony,Lloyd,Jason H,Justin D,Adam T,
people I knew and listened to
typical tv and newspaper stuff
planning to tour soon
thefenderbluesking on YouTube and Mississippi Blues Connection on FB and Reverb Nation


I made my first guitar and played slide on it.I got another guitar with frets and started playing music with whoever I could.I taught myself music and my friends and I have been putting together bands and writing songs since the early 90's.I am 31 now and have traveled America thanks to my guitar.I hope to get a good booking agent and possibly team up with a record label.Mississippi Blues Connection is made up of three to four bands that make a big musical circus.We do songs that range from a two piece setup to ten+ folks.I have been recognized for my Jazz and Blues music +songwriting.Many of my band members are songwriters as well.I also have several musical inventions for amplifiers and guitars.Its just a big bunch of cool folks that get along real well.lots of different sounds too.