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wisbech, cambridgeshire, united kingdom
Hard House, Electro, Dub
Barry Steward
too many to name,i am influenced by so many genres.ive got love for all music.


Hyparex (aka B-Line Baw) is an up n coming hard dance producer with a unique sound and has constantly progressed through the underground hard dance scene with 13 official releases on various record labels including `Hard Underground Music,Harderstyles Records`.
He won a remix competition for S.E.A.U Digital records and had his remix officially released on the label in july 2010.
He also got 2nd place in a remix competition for Digitally Infected and had his remix officially released in february 2012.
He has been mixing and mastering for various hip hop artists including KONTEX with his soon to be released mixtape `More Than Words`.
While under the name B-Line Baw,he was producing a lot of reverse bass hardstyle and a little bit of hard dance,but he has got to the stage where he cant choose a specific genre to stick to as he`s got love for all music so he will be adding aspects from all the music he loves into his productions so keep an eye out for a fresh sound coming from Hyparex.