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Eric Tricklebank

Eric Tricklebank
Auckland, New Zealand
Rock, Progressive, Other
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Hi my name is Eric and Im a singer /songwriter way down here in New Zealand. Ive been playing in some way or other since I was about 8. Most of my career has been semi proffessional until about two years ago when I decided to go all out and lock myself away and start recording as this was meant to be the plan all along. A friend of mine gave me a Yamaha all in one studio and I started putting ideas down. At the moment Im having a break as Ive just finished my third solo album so just trying to push it along. Basically ive had no music training and no help with recording so its just been a trial and error thing. I play or programme all the instruments on my tracks and do all the vocals as well, [I found this the quickest way to get things done ]. My lack of skills in the studio have allowed me to get the music pretty much to demo quality. The plan was supposed to be to amass enough material to have a killer 25 t0 40% to hone and perfect with a band [ which Im still trying to get off the ground ].So in the meantime I just keep writing and recording rather than wait around for things to fall into my lap. The good thing about what Im doing is that I dont feel restricted by genres yet only by my own limitations which I try to turn into originality. At the end of the day its just rock and roll and after this third album I hope that Im starting to sound like me rather than someone else. At 47 I question myself as to what can I put on the table that is worth anything. The only answer I can come up with is 'life' and the ability to observe the world around me and comment on it without fear. Basically I stopped trying to make and worry about money and accepted a life on the breadline for the sole reason that if I could one day make a difference, then the reward would be itself.