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Deep Tree Mantra

Deep Tree Mantra
Baltimore, Md, USA
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Instrumental, Fusion, Ambient
Barry Cooper, Buzz Conway, John Hornsby, David Hartley, Robert Hitz
Miles Davis, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd,


These modern day composers blend their diverse musical backgrounds into a piece of living art. In much the same way a painter infuses the different colors of the palette into a beautiful landscape, so too does Deep Tree Mantra paint a mental landscape with each performance, blending a wide array of sonic colors, with each moment unfolding into a new abstract impressionist soundscape. Combining elements of classical music, jazz, world, country and blues, DTM weaves together varying styles in a tasteful and articulate manner that is both spontaneous and sublime.

Deep Tree Mantra (“dTM”) is a collective of musicians from varying styles and backgrounds. Their common ground is a shared vision of music as a spontaneous expression of the human spirit. dTM offers listeners improvised music rooted in the fundamental belief that Music is Prayer. The sound is continuously evolving and expanding into new directions. There are no genre specific boundaries to the dTM sound, though Ambient Jazz Fusion would one appropriate label. dTM plays with a mutual respect for each voice expressing an honest reflection and inquiry into our current divisive branches & common roots. Welcome to the world of dTM. Please make yourself comfortable. And don't be a stranger.