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Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria
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Hip Hop, Rap, R&B
Emperor Hotface, FlyBoi Millz
The Society
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VPRO SOULJAHz is a hip-hop/RnB/Rap group based in Lagos, Nigeria. They are dedicated to bringing new ideology into the scope of music creation around the world.

Hello guys, you are welcome to the history and life of an outstanding Hip-hop/R'n'B/Rap star, Philosopher and Emperor of Vpro Empire and his fellow band member(s).

Emperor Alexander Akintayo a.k.a Hotface, born in the early '80s on 16th January, to the family of Rev. E.O. and Mrs V.O. Akintayo, officially hails from Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. Starting his early life in Akure, Ondo State as a little young black male within the street of Danjuma, added a torch of toughness to his lifestyle. In addition, the experience of psychological rejection faced as the last seed of the family, didn't stop him from achieving his goal. In 1996, he joined the community of Lords and by 2004 he became an Emperor. This wasn't the only times, however he had reached for stars and realized his dream. Emperor Hotface is the C.E.O of VPRO-E ENTERTAINMENT.

FLY BOI MILLZ a.k.a Sexy O'Gee

Daniel Olanrenwaju Millz also known as FLY BOI MILLZ is a band member of the VPRO SOULJAHz and a versatile and talented rapper blessed with an ability to produce a sing-along hit songs. Fly Boi was born in Ikorodu lagos in the early 1980s to the very Rev J.O Olanrewajus family. Due to his father's profession as a clergy man, he attended different schools and colleges in different state. He attended Betiqueen school in kaduna,Wesly school , Angus in Lagos, Rev kuti College in Abeoukuta...and Ogun Poly in Saapde, just to mention few. He is an R'n'B, hippop artist you should watch out for because He is going to rule the music world soon...there is much to know about him. Flyboi is so cool and down to love.