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ms ashley

ms ashley
TULSA, OK, united states
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to many from rock to rap


ashley is a bmi affiliated singer/songwriter from tulsa,oklahoma who first started singing at age 3.she had sang and performed alot of her childhood in church,talent shows and community events.ashley started 2 groups who performed in her elementary school,which she was proud of at age 8 she began writing becoming captivated by the process of making a song and music in general in school ashley learned to play 3 instruments and writes sheet music .in her life ashley had been through her share of struggles and hardships which climaxed in her teen yrs with problems at home which started after the death of her grandmother who raised her.drugs,and running the streets,meeting people she should never have met seeing things she should not have seen still music was an outlet rapping on the streets with fellow wayward teens,ashley being fully able to watch out for herself by age 16 came upon the opportunity to record a album, she and her cousin met ronald marquette who helped hone ashleys songwriting and taught her of copywrite and of bmi.he told ashley who he saw as a wild teen who really was talented and intelligent to focus on the music.ashley wrote and produced it all herself so many things that happened and scars on her heart music was the perfect outlet and had always been her true love and in many ways came to save her from the streets. at 18 ashley still wayward and wild met j.reezy who when they met the music that is posted today be contiued