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Neil Mandy

Neil Mandy
Moravia, San José, Costa Rica
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Rock, Blues, Psychedelic
Naranja Orange
Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, Nirvana, Mägo de Oz, Peegynt Lobogris, Bathory, Nightwish, Neil Young, The Doors, Motörhead, The Rolling Stones...


Just a crazy orange trying to play something...

Once upon a time there was an orange tree very pichudo pichudo, from which an orange came down. That orange, for dark reasons the orange itself doesn't understand, changed its name to be Neil, but even while it wished it couldn't avoid destiny's call: one day, the orange tree brang her back, fought against her and won; and if that wasn't enough, later there came a beer and made it even more crazy by calling it orange again. A few years before, the orange started to try to create music and write poetry, while it was discovering without trying to that the world is round like an orange, and that fruits are beings with fruity flavours. This is how it begins the story of the orange. Pichudo pichudo!