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Julie Lamb

Julie Lamb
Wellington, NZ
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Rock, Progressive, Folk Rock
Andrew Richardson, Callum Hazlitt-Black, Dave Hadley, Jacqui Nyman, Damian Forlong, John McDonald, Geraint Scott, Emma Davey, Miranda Turner, Deb Rock-Sisson and Andreas Lepper
Too many to mention!


Rock based, whimsical music with great lyrics and little twists to keep you interested.

Writing, arranging and performing music are some of the most incredible buzzes in my world. I want to be doing this stuff when I'm 90...

I love it! - It's like a little spark sets up and won't go out... little bits in my journals that turn into full blown songs... often in response to a rhythm that sets up just outside of consciousness... and sits until the song writes all over my pages. And there is nothing more astounding than actually getting to play the works with great musicians to a fabulous audience. WOW!

Music! It keeps my heart glad and my blood pressure low! Oh - and laughing - laughter is just right!