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A. C. Sharp

A. C. Sharp
Spokane Valley, WA, USA
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Ambient, Folk, Instrumental
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Blue Hush Productions
Adam C. Sharp (Jen Sharp, singer when azure rising)
Moby, Hans Zimmer, Dead Can Dance, Enya


Adam C. Sharp creates many different styles of music. He creates music for orchestra, choir and synthesizers in many styles and genres. Adam has worked on theatrical productions, video productions and production albums as well as performed his original music. His goal is to create visual art for the mind with his music.

Adam C. Sharp (also known as A.C. Sharp) was born in the Los Angeles Area where he started to experiment with electronic music at a young age when digital synthesizers were still newer to the market. He also began to play world percussion music at a young age while being greatly influenced and mentored by dance composers.

When he was in high school he began to work with synthesizers again, this time composing works with his brother, Eric Sharp. Together they worked on various compositions throughout their college years.

After earning his Bachelors and Masters Degrees, Adam build his home studio and produced several studio albums under the name A.C. Sharp, Sceptre and azure rising (with Jennifer Sharp). He is a theatre director, instructor, composer and writer. He continues to compose works for various productions and continues search for future projects.