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Ogden, Utah, USA
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Rock, Punk, Alternative
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Silverstain Records
Dan Larsen
blink182, Angels and Airwaves, Greenday, Linkin Park, Beach Boys


Hi my name is Dan, what's all your guys' names? (please do tell)
So here it is folks. I am an independent musician from Utah looking to crash the airwaves. I currently operate under the name i-Audio and I love to write hopefully you enjoy new music from the underground.
I recently had the opportunity to record at a professional studio in Utah with Producer/Engineer Mitch Davis (who is the shiz by the way!!!) I had some demos that I recorded in my basement (next to my couch), we both were pleased with what we heard and decided to take these songs to the next level. The first song that I just released is called Up All Night, and I absolutely love this song. Its about growing up in a small town and falling in love with somebody amazing. I think anybody can relate to this song. The energy and passion of the song is captured with every element of the song.
Oh I should also mention that the drums on the bridge and outro's were recorded by my good friend David Batt (who plays in two bands Double or Nothing and Casting Quarters super talented kid and bands check them out!!!)
My style is similar to Blink182, Yellowcard, Sum41, Angels and Airwaves. I also take a strong influence from the Beach Boys as well.
By the end of this year and the beginning of next year I should be able to produce and finish my up coming EP. I am super excited to release more great music. Please feel free to message me and I promise I will respond.
You guys are the best human beings ever. I'm looking forward to this crazy new adventure:)