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Ed Concepcion

Ed Concepcion
Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA
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Rock, Metal, Acoustic
Ed Concepcion
Metalica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, 3 Doors Down, Mudvayne, Ronnie James Dio, Great White, God, God Smack, and way to many to list!


I've been writing music since I strummed my first note! When I was 12 I asked my dad for a saxophone but he was too cheap and he got me a clarinet. Me!?! On a woodwind!?! No way!!! I did what any manipulative 12 year old boy with divorced parents would do! I asked my mom for a guitar!!!! She caved and started me on a life long addiction to creating music!! Thanks mom! Almost all of my relatives on my father's side of the family are musicians, artists, and photographers! Except my black sheep dad! I will be providing links to their music as well as posting my own. I look forward to new contacts, friends, and talent! Rock on!!!