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David Michel: Musician, Songwriter

David Michel: Musician, Songwriter
Lakewoood, CA, United States
Pop, Instrumental
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David Michel
My Parents & Brother, The World's of Music & Art.


Hey JJ !
I had completely forgot about this site.... My daughter reminded me I had original material here. I finally get what the site is all about... COMEDY !

I saw one of my tunes is on the "swing" category. It's the 4th tune down titled: All Aboard.
I'm surrounded by comics/comedy recordings... my tune is, according to The Spotlight Zone a comedy song...How did I miss that before ?

Anyway my other tune was placed amongst tunes of it's ilk (?)
It's all good and all clear man.... Just had no idea my material was/is funny (?) ....
Maybe theres a market for me after all ! Thanks ?
Hope the weather is great & the beers cold my brutha.

Keep Rockin'

All the Best,