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Para-Dice Jackson

Para-Dice Jackson
Scranton, PA, USA
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Hip Hop


Born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago then uprooted and sent to the United States for a better education it seemed that Para-Dice Jackson always found a way to stay connected to arts and entertainment although she was being groomed for med school. By age 14, she played lead roles in school plays, modeled and began writing poetry. Now at age 27, mother of two boys, she has given up on med school and is pursuing a simultaneous Bachelor's and Masters degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Why? Well her answer was "I need the proper tools to open my own Entertainment PR firm."

Outside of college, Dice is a hip hop recording artist with heavy Soca and Reggae influences because of her deep rooted influences from back home. She often jokes that "my engineer keeps telling me, D slow down the accent is flooding the track right now." Dice works mostly with Mad Beats of the Lost Boyz Mafia and her camp is based in Scranton, PA with heavy Philadelphia influences from the guys on her team. She is currently working on her singles Performance and Pop That Thang, scheduled to hit the airways by Thanksgiving 2011.

Beyond her education and music, Dice is a published author with her first novel Turning Point available for purchase worldwide for Kindle and all other eReaders through Turning Point is the first installment in a trilogy which will be immediately followed by a second trilogy already in the outlining stage.She also owns Dicey, a Handpainted Fair Trade organic Cotton clothing line initially geared towards the vegan community but since then has expanded to include all fashionistas interested in one of a kind pieces for their wardrobes while helping humanity. Her goals at this point are "to own a fleet of yachts and travel with my babies while watching my money make me some more money, so I guess that means I better go hard at all chances to do just that!"